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Welcome to iSKOOL

For School Administration, Facilitate Students and Parents

What is iSKOOL?

iSKOOL is an interacitive online school management & Information system that streamlines the tasks of any school with a few keystrokes or mouse clicks. We can also design an build a customised solution based on iSKOOL that best suit your school's needs.

Why I should buy iSKOOL?

iSKOOL provides you with everything that you need to manage your school, all at one place. It's not just the simple user friendly environment or the fast response time makes us better, we will always there with you supporting your IT needs and always help keep your valuable data secure.

How does iSKOOL work?

iSKOOL Web-Application is accessed from a Web-browser and consists of 4 different user-portals. The portals available are Admin, Employee, Parent and Student. Each user can login to their portal and avail the various modules which contain unique functions.

The Power of iSKOOL

iSKOOL empowers you with a set of over 200 functions; these functions are grouped into multiple modules for easy access. A set of more than 24 modules covering the basic needs of school is available to you. With the latest information presented to you for convenient access which helps build a successful and sustainable school environment.

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Reasons to Choose iSKOOL!

  1. iSKOOL takes care from boosting enrollement to stepping up grades and managing day to day activites.
  2. iSKOOL is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud hosting.
  3. iSKOOL reduces your institution's administrative cost by 50%.
  4. iSKOOL will bring up to 75% reduction in paper filing.
  5. iSKOOL is designed to operate at a high level of security that could be customised to meet your needs.
  6. iSKOOL is designed from the ground up to engage students, teachers and parents. More engagement leads to more customer-loyalty.
  7. iSKOOL creates a real-time online collaboration platform connecting parents, teachers and students.
  8. iSKOOL offers two way and multi mode communication tool to instantly connect with your current and potential clients.

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